Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution – VDI is a rapidly growing trend that helps businesses centralize their functions and transform from an expense to a strategic asset. Instead of large bulky machines on every office desk, companies can connect multiple workstations to a single computer using thin clients.

Connecting with employees from anywhere, anytime, while upholding the business continuity and saving on operating costs, time and resources is easy with VDI Solutions!  Companies only have to update one computer instead of spending time and money updating every individual workstation. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the high-end technology that provides a high degree of flexibility and ease of management using limited resources.

At Digicor, before we migrate clients across a virtual environment, our engineers assess existing infrastructure to ensure greater efficiency and its return on investment. After deployment, we test the new environment thoroughly before it goes live. We then transfer our skills to the in-house team to allow them to run the system or continue to keep it under our charge as a managed service. Our technicians are certified and experienced in virtualization technologies especially in deploying and minimizing your business risks.