Cloud Plus, CEO, Jules Rumsey

“In recent years Digicor has rapidly become a strategically important supplier for Cloud Plus. They have assisted us with platform selection, design, assembly, deployment and testing of compute and storage infrastructure. This includes platforms for software defined storage and software defined networking. Unlike many suppliers, Digicor has been quick to address any issues that have arisen along the way and we can feel confident of their full support right up to director level.”

Dotsec, Director, Dr. Tim Redhead

“DotSec ordered its first server from Digicor sometime around 2003 and we’ve never looked back; for around 15 years now, we’ve been ordering servers, UPSs and SANs both for DotSec and for DotSec’s customers, always with great success. In all cases, we have been extremely happy with the value for money and reliability that we see in all our Digicor products, as well as the cheerful and expert support services that we receive from Digicor team.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Digicor to any business that is looking to buy robust, reliable and highly-performing kit at a very reasonable price, from a supplier that really values and strives for great customer service.”

Velseis, Technology Development Manager, Stewart Fletcher

“Digicor supplies us with high quality assembled and tested server hardware customised to our requirements.   The fast lead times and minimal on-premises configuration allows the hardware to be brought online faster to the benefit of both users and clients. We leverage Digicor’s various levels of warranty coverage to ensure appropriate availability, and the few warranty issues we’ve had  have been handled quickly and professionally. Using Digicor over many years has resulted in a stable foundation of storage, network and compute infrastructure which has allowed us to concentrate on delivering a quality product to our clients.”

Cutting Edge, Director, Michael Burton

“Our work in the media industry requires bespoke IT solutions to meet the high-performance criteria required for moving large data sets. Digicor have worked with us over many years to optimise our server, workstation and storage configurations to achieve the best business outcomes. Digicor helps us to stay ahead of the technology curve. We always need to find a balance between performance and cost and with Digicor’s assistance we always find the right solution. There are a lot of providers out there for IT solutions, but Digicor consistently delivers on service, price and quality, making them our first choice for IT solutions.”