Data Center Storage Solutions

“A wide range of reliable, scalable, cost-effective and easy–to-manage data storage solutions.”

In the current technological landscape, with an increased data management complexities, enterprises often go to great lengths to make sure their data is effectively stored and managed. At Digicor, we aim at redefining the enterprise storage solutions by providing innovative products to manage and secure exploding volumes of data.

Our comprehensive, dependable and highly scalable range of data storage as well as backup solutions are designed specially to offer highest levels of protection to the mission-critical business assets. Whether you need a performance-optimized traditional storage solution, ultra-dense storage enclosures or software defined storage solutions, we can help you choose the right option for your organizational needs.

Traditional Storage Infrastructure

Traditional systems are designed from scratch to work primarily with structured data. Digicor’s traditional storage infrastructure is custom fit for companies to handle very large data storage deployments with stable environments.

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JBOD (Just a bunch of disks/drives)

JBOD systems are collections of disk drives that can be accessed as separate drives from a single host computer or server. Our JBOD enclosures actually allow you to manage the drives based on your configuration and can also be managed individually (as one group or several groups) with or without RAID functions.

Product Details