Render-intensive Hardware Solutions for 3D Graphics, VFX & Animation Workflows

If you are a 3D/4D/5D animator, architect, VFX artist, film editor, product designer or any other creative graphic designer, your high-performance applications demand the power of the fastest-professional grade workstations/ servers that safely crunch through tasks at lightning speed.

More than just hardware, you need innovative solutions for high speed rendering and Supermicro is one of the best brands in the market with 20 individual render nodes to choose from, each with dual Intel® Xeon® high-density Scalable Processors.

Available in a 2U or 4U rackmount format, with a high computational density, the Supermicro post-production storage servers or GPU workstations will not only drastically reduce rendering time when producing complex animation or visualisation but allow you to seamlessly scale up render capacity.

Digicor’s performance specialists clearly understand the advanced software you use for your everyday workflows. Built for professionals, our render-intensive hardware solutions are best for scaling graphics, VFX, videos and animation rendering.


  • New-generation computer generated 3D animation and post-production projects
  • Helps developers or artists unleash their creativity while meeting tight deadlines and production budgets
  • Editing high-resolution videos
  • Alleviating post-production workflow bottlenecks

General Characteristics:

  • You need a large number of render nodes needed for computing power
  • You are constantly hitting the limits of computing resources
  • You experience storage constraints due to increased demands
  • Higher resolution video and imaging constantly drive the need for more and more compute power

Our Solutions:

Supermicro SBE-720E + SBI – 7228R

  • High-Density Scalable Blade Server with up to 20 nodes
  • Supports dual Intel Xeon Processors per node

Supermicro SYS-2029TP-HTR

  • Four node post production compute server

Supermicro SYS-7049GP-TRT

  • Post production GPU workstation designed to run multiple GPU cards
  • Ideal for 3D-rendering.

Supermicro SYS-847E1C4-R1K23LB

  • 4U 36-bay storage server
  • Designed for large storage environments

Why choose Digicor?

At Digicor, we offer a comprehensive range of purpose-built powerful rendering as well as simulation solutions – from high-performance computing servers to powerful workstations. Our products are specifically engineered to tackle the most demanding workflows.

Our technical professionals can walk you through the entire process and provide a solution that you can rely on. Our render-intensive solutions allow you to be creative rather than constrain your vision to match the limits of the technology.

The robust Intel Xeon processing power can help you expand your creativity, productivity, and quality effortlessly. With the power of our customised solutions, you can render large models faster than ever and deliver more accurate results.