IT solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

“Encouraging productivity & growth in the manufacturing industry with high-performance IT infrastructure solutions”

Foreseeing manufacturing swings, managing supply chains and operational activities are some of Manufacturing’s IT Infrastructure challenges. The ever-changing IT infrastructure technology and manufacturing operations have converged. This convergence has significantly minimized material flow, improved the operation management, accelerated growth, enhanced business efficiency and improved product life-cycle management.

Emerging IT infrastructure technology trends have enabled manufacturers to innovate, manage material flow, in-line sequencing methodologies for OEMs, reduce operational costs and accelerate effectiveness for real-time manufacturing that requires a systematic approach to predict demand-based manufacturing practices.

Digicor has the technical expertise required to serve all demands of the manufacturing industries and provide solutions that improve production, operations and supply chain management, as well as vendor and customer engagement.

Our integrated technological offerings leverage end to end solutions that empowers a seamless journey of manufacturing operations from conventional to digital environments. For manufacturing, our IT infrastructure model includes collaborative and proprietary technology platforms that enable enterprises to enhance productivity, operations and management performances.

Our it infrastructure solutions include the following

  • IT System requirement assessment
  • Digital transformation roadmap with an IT strategy
  • IT Infrastructure Implementation, migration and integration services
  • IT Infrastructure solutions for Procurement, Sales and Accounts management (ERP & SAP)
  • IT Infrastructure solutions for Supply Chain Management
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization services
  • IT Infrastructure Professional services
  • Cloud hosting, implementation & migration services
  • Cloud App development & operations
  • Custom Application development services

Our Professional Services Provide:

Shorten development

High-Performance computing shortens development cycles

ICT infrastrure

Optimize workloads with ICT infrastructure solutions

Cloud solutions

Optimize production with cloud solutions


Transformation & Advisory services

Managed IT

Managed IT service solutions