In the era of AI, GPU is the New CPU!

GPU Workstations

Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), once only needed by gamers, are fast becoming the next big thing in computing. For Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, multiple GPU are a requirement. Like high speed graphics, ML requires a large number of matrix multiplication operations per second and the GPU is a processor with thousands of cores, ideal for the task.

The rise of the GPU has not resulted in the death of existing CPUs. The CPU still has a place. The powerful blend of both CPU and GPU is a perfect choice for a business that wants to use technology to aid their decision-making process and drive future insights.

Our GPU enabled solutions include:

What sets us apart?

At Digicor, we offer robust products, services, and solutions to help our clients realise their technology needs. We deliver end-to-end GPU solutions enabling our clients with rapid operations to achieve their business goals.

Our highly scalable, fit-for-purpose GPU solutions include Supermicro GPU workstations and GPU servers.