HOSTING AND CLOUD: The Next Phase of Successful Business

Hosting and Cloud

In this ever-changing technological world, organisations are looking to digital transformation as one strategy for meeting future business goals.

Cloud Computing can be a foundational brick of digital transformation. Huge quantities of data are produced every day and this needs to be stored and managed securely and be readily available to businesses.

Supermicro helps customers build sustainable cloud infrastructure and has rapidly become a global leader in this market. Digicor partners with Supermicro to build best-in-breed technology solutions for our clients. With Supermicro, any enterprise can be confident that they are working with an innovative, knowledgeable and technology leading partner.

What actually is cloud computing?

Simply it is delivering computing services like databases, storage and computer in an easy to consume model. Cloud computing helps in creating new apps and services, is used to host streaming audio and video, delivers software on demand and that is only a fraction of what it can do. It is the greatest shift away from the conventional way enterprises think about IT resources. It can reduce cost, improve productivity, performance, and reliability.

Target Market:

  • Hosting Providers
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Infrastructure as a Service Providers
  • Private Cloud Providers


  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) providers
  • On premise Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
  • Test and Development
  • Big Data Analytics
  • File Storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup

General Characteristics:

  • Managing multiple systems from many vendors i.e. “server sprawl” is a drag on efficiency
  • Managing multiple storage platforms is time consuming and costly
  • Maximising performance on a limited budget is challenging
  • Future upgradeability is a concern
  • Competition from public cloud providers is eating away at your market

Our Product List:
Supermicro SYS-2029TP-HTR

  • Four Node Server
  • Ideal for cloud compute

Supermicro MBE + MBI-6128R

  • Supermicro server with 14 nodes
  • High Density Micro Blade Server for private clouds

Supermicro SYS-847X10DRI

  • 4U 36-Bays Server
  • High Density Storage Server for cloud storage

Why choose us?

Digicor’s domain expertise and unique approach is trusted by cloud providers. We continuously adapt, change and innovate in line with changing market conditions while reducing our costs, focusing on your business and improve efficiencies. We are customer-centric and we believe in integrity, excellence and teamwork.

We understand that the global demand of ‘Digital Everything’ and our professional team are future ready to help our customers with fit-for-purpose solutions to achieve their business goals.