Embrace the Change with Enterprise Storage Solutions!

Enterprise Storage Solutions

With the increasing demand for hybrid strategy and retaining a significant amount of storage capacity on-premises for reasons of regulatory compliance, security, performance and cost, enterprise storage is seeing a plenty of innovation.

Enterprise Storage Solution has become an essential component for any organization in order to survive in this constantly changing technological world. Enterprise storage is a centralized repository that renders common data management and protection along with data sharing functions via connections to various computer systems. Enterprise storage solutions are vital for eradicating bottlenecks of any firm.


Backup – It is a copy of active data which is in use and is intended to be used, when the data is lost or the main storage system fails.

Storage Consolidation – it is a centralized storage where data can be stored and shared.

Disaster Recovery – The data access can be easily restored from another point in order to gain data continuity.

Archiving – Archival storage is meant to store inactive data which can be useful to obtain certain business functions in future.

Every storage is not created equal. Each application or workload has a different storage requirement. Whether it’s reliability, capacity, speed or simply security, Digicor has more than a decade of experience choosing the correct storage solution for the workload. We ensure the proper storage footprint with each of our customized solutions.


  • Solid-state storage solutions integrate reliability with speed.
  • Reliable and accessible data storage solutions that scale rapidly and cost-effectively.
  • Intelligent search capabilities that enable simpler information management.
  • Network-attached storage solutions that renders security, optimal capacity as well as recovery for multi-site companies.
  • Absolute integration of speed, security and recovery.
  • Automated backup solutions that renders flexible recovery points for quicker business recovery.


Digicor has partnered with virtualized storage solutions from Nimble, Tintri and Hitachi that are cost-friendly and rapidly scales up enterprise storage solutions.

Nimble Storage-It is the leader in predictive flash storage solutions.


  • Massive Scalability
  • No Licenses & Single Pane of Glass
  • Replication Built In & Zero Impact Snapshots

Tintri Storage –It provides products designed for Enterprise Cloud, Virtual Machines (VMs), and containers. Its core product line is the VMstore.


  • High Performance and Plug & Play Scalability
  • Simple VMs Protection as well as VMs Cloning with Industry’s best VM Density
  • Easy Deployment and Intuitive Administration

Hitachi Storage –It provides products designed for Enterprise Cloud, Virtual Machines (VMs), and containers. Its core product line is the VMstore.


  • Minimizes operational costs with higher ROI on IT infrastructure investments
  • Adaptive Data Reduction, Quicker Response Times and Higher Flash Performance
  • Increased automation and agility with advanced storage system functions and management



Ideal for: Dense Scalable Micro Blade Server

Computer Nodes: 14

Chassis Configuration: 3RU 14 hot-swap server blades; 2 x 2.5″ Internal Bays per node


Ideal for: Dense Compute Server

Computer Nodes: 8

Chassis Configuration:4U Enclosure chassis, 8 hot-plug system nodes; 6x 2.5″ H/S Bays per node


Ideal for: Compute Server

Computer Nodes: 4

Chassis Configuration:6 x 2.5″ SAS/SATA hot-swap drive bays per node


Ideal for: Bulk Storage Server

Computer Nodes:1

Chassis Configuration:36 x 3.5″ SAS/SATA hot-swap drive bays, optional 2 x 2.5″ Hot-swap SAS Drive Bays on rear side of Chassis