Servers are the backbone of an organization, helping to boost productivity and overall network performance.

Digicor offers a wide range of reliable, cost-effective and high-performing workstations.

Rackmount Servers

1U, 2U, 3U, 2U Multi Purpose Rack Servers ... More

Gpu Servers

Optimised for computationally-intensive applications ... More

High Density Servers

Optimised for HPC, Cloud and Enterprise IT applications. ... More

Storage Servers

For CPU-intensive, Virtual, Single-instance storage and Data. ... More

Tower Servers

Built with business in mind. ... More

Blade Servers

Professionally foster cross-platform solutions rather than highly. ... More


Digicor offers a wide range of reliable, cost-effective and high-performing workstations.

Silent Workstations

Designed for silent operation ... More


Maximum Acceleration and Cost Efficiency for High Performance Applications ... More

High Performance

Workstations with elite processing power ... More

Intel NUC

Workstations with elite processing power ... More


Digicor offers a wide range of reliable, scalable, cost-effective and easy–to-manage data storage solutions.

Cloud Storage

Scalability, Data Availablity, Security and Performance ... More

Nealine Storage

Highly scalable and Cost effective ... More

All Flash Storage

Entry and High-Density Flash Arrays for Mixed Workloads. ... More

Storage Expansion

Flexibility, Ease of use ... More

Digicor Storage

Enhance your business outcomes with cutting-edge technology & integrated solutions.

Appliances and OEM Solutions

Appliances and OEM is a tailor-made solution to suit business needs like integrators, security consultants ... More

GPC Computing HPC-Computing

It is a powerful combination computing delivering high- performance hyper-scale data-centric solutions ... More

Hosting Cloud Providers & Data Centres

It enables multiple hosting systems and multiple storage platforms with cost-effective solutions ... More

Security Surveillance

Latest technology and ICT infrastructure solutions to optimise security surveillance ... More

Video Post-Production and Video Rendering

Customisable and flexible workstation solutions for enabling higher resolution image and video sourcing ... More


Supermicro is a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation. We at Digicor develop and provide end-to-end green computing solutions to data centres, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, high-performance computing and embedded markets.

Servers are the backbone of every organisation and Digicor offers a range of servers to conquer demanding and complex workloads giving high-performance productivity and boosting network performance

Rackmount Servers

Customizable rackmount servers for mass storage and business optimisation ... More


FatTwin servers are high-density server systems including memory storage capacity and network capabilities ... More

1U TwinPro

1U TwinPro is a dual node system to handle high-performance computing and high density of applications ... More


BigTwin is a multi-node system with vast memory, storage and better thermal capacity than other systems ... More

2U TwinPro

2UTwinPro is a second generation processor that provides Redundant Titanium Level at 96% increasing efficiency greatly ... More

Embedded / IoT

Innovative technology which acts like the embedded basis or IoT solutions ... More

Digicor Servers

Digicor offers a wide range of reliable, cost-effective and high-performing workstations.

Super Workstation

This workstation helps to unleash your creative potential by combining visualisation and interactive design capabilities ... More

GPU System

This GPU System is a leader in High-Performance, Enterprise Class, Super Computing and Green IT ... More

Digicor Supermicro Workstations

Digicor offers a wide range of reliable, scalable, cost-effective and easy–to-manage data server solutions.

Super Blade

Super Blade enhances computing density by housing multiple blade servers in a single enclosure ... More

Micro Blade

It is a powerful and flexible system with MicroBlade Server nodes and extreme density ... More

Micro Cloud

The MicroCloud modular server is a cable-less, hot-pluggable server that increases efficiency also reducing rack space ... More

Digicor Blade Servers

Enhance your business outcomes with cutting-edge technology & integrated storage solutions.

Super Storage

Supermicro Super Storage system offers a broad range of choices in storage with options in density, latency and economic expansion ... More

Digicor Superstorage Servers

Digicor Intel Servers

Harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, the latest advances in memory and programmable solutions, and the promise of always-on 5G connectivity, Intel is disrupting industries and solving global challenges.

Intel Server

This system provides optimised data centre catering to high-performance computing and artificial intelligence applications ... More

Digicor Super Servers

Digicor Western Digital Servers

Enterprise flash and hybrid arrays designed to deliver extreme performance and exceptional economics for a wide range of demanding workloads.

All-Flash Storage

Purpose-built flash arrays for virtual environments requiring high-performance ... More

Hybrid Storage

High capacity hybrid arrays that balance performance and economics ... More

Digicor Western Digital Workstations

Digicor VMWare Servers

VMware vSAN powers industry-leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions

vSAN Certified Supermicro

VMware vSAN powers industry-leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions ... More

vSAN Certified Intel

VMware VSAN hyper-converged infrastructure to help in optimising compute, storage and network ... More

Digicor Blade Servers

Digicor Intel Nutanix Servers

Intel Nutanix - A Product Leader In Enterprise Cloud Computing.

Intel Nutanix

A cloud storage system capable of supporting a wide variety of applications ... More



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