IT solutions for Hospitality & Travel Industry

“Plethora of services and solutions to enable transformation in the travel and hospitality landscape”

It’s critical for any hospitality, leisure as well as the travel industry to apply the best technology to have an enhanced guest experience, improved operational efficiency, and reduced costs. Keeping pace with the rapid market changes is possible only with the support of next generation IT Infrastructure technology. IT technology has made it imperative for the Hospitality, Leisure and Travel service providers to optimize their internal IT operations and synchronize it with global networks as well as engage customers directly to yield maximum benefits.

Digicor has a proven record of developing innovative hospitality systems, resulting in increased revenue, optimized data reporting, and improved customer loyalty. Digicor provides IT Infrastructure technologies that drive operational excellence and predictable business operations with the support of our expert technology partners.

Our technology experts define, design and execute IT Infrastructure strategies that drive growth, reduce costs help achieve business goals, build future-ready IT infrastructure environment and also fulfill skilled IT support requirements.

Our IT infrastructure technology solutions FOR TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY include:

Setting up

Setting up / Revamp or optimizing of current IT Infrastructure

Converged LANs

Converged LANs to support multiple services

Migration to

Migration to Cloud-based infrastructure

Security and Video

Security and Video surveillance infrastructure

Wi-Fi enabled

Wi-Fi enabled infrastructure


Mobile-enabled infrastructure

Digital conferencing

Digital conferencing facilities

Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet access


Wireless communications

Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol Phone & Television (IPTV)