IT solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

“Aligning the right infrastructure technology with right solutions to monitor success in the oil & gas industry”

Technology has played an important role in the oil and gas industry to deliver whatever they produce to the world. According to a recent research, the energy companies adopting the digital changes could reduce capital expenditures by 20%, reduce operational costs as well as upstream their entire process by 5%.

In order to unleash unparalleled productivity and boost performance significantly, it is crucial for the energy companies to harness the right technologies to support their business strategy. Digicor understands the critical business demands and thus provides network and infrastructure solutions paired with rich and high-performance services to enable transformation. Our main goal of our solutions is to facilitate the production, distribution and trading operations of oil and natural gas companies.

The IT Infrastructure Solutions by Digicor combines industry expertise, innovative inspection & surveillance technologies and information management tools to support planning, design, construction, and maintenance of oil & gas infrastructure from refineries to pipelines. Our experts have experience in streamlining the processes as well as integrating new IT infrastructure systems without disrupting the current methodologies.

Our key offerings include:

  • Data acquisition: at high speeds to the cloud and on premise locations, using satellite communications, 3G or 4G, Wi-Fi, and fiber cable networks.
  • Network coverage: in locations not easily accessible, cameras for remote video monitoring and intelligent analysis, collaboration for effective decision-making, lower system maintenance workload and costs — all to ensure efficient oil and gas production.
  • Maximized HPC utilization: We help reduce the processing time for large unprocessed pre-stack data by balancing the processing loads, leveraging underutilized computing resources, and optimizing High-performance Computing (HPC) centers.
  • Optimized Data Storage and Distribution: Enable fast and secure distribution and exchange of post-stack data via on premise private data centers, public, private, or hybrid cloud platforms.
  • Backup and recovery solutions: File systems are mirrored to off-site systems using high-performance synchronization and replication software. The backup data is protected with stringent recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).

Our customized solutions include:

  • Network deployment & Wireless coverage
  • Data and storage management
  • Digital collaboration
  • Intelligent video surveillance
  • High powered computing
  • Big data analytics