IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry

“Integrating  technology & infrastructure solutions to provide value-based health care”

Technological innovations have shaped the healthcare industry, making it proficient to deliver value based services that need active collaboration between doctors and hospital administrations to increases the quality and efficiency of patient care. Breakthrough in information systems, communications, treatments, and research have given medical providers a new approach and fresh ways to practice medicine.

At Digicor, we offer digital technologies, custom applications, data security and ingenious IT infrastructure solutions to streamline health care information practices. Our healthcare infrastructure experts have years of experience working with the healthcare industry and its statutory security requirements as well as compliance. Our services help design, deploy and manage solutions that support the storage of patient information, secure data transmission and improved operations.

We offer a full life cycle of healthcare information technology solutions which are as follows:

  • Professional Consulting Services: Mitigate IT risks and support the IT strategic planning while keeping your budget and goals in mind.
  • Cyber Security Services: Secure the mission-critical data and keep up with the threats and new government compliance effortlessly
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: High-end data storage and back solutions which will elevate your networking and storage requirements efficiently
  • Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Applications Management: Support with a customized applications and monitoring systems for quicker results and better user experience
  • Networking solutions: Support the influx of electronic medical records within a secure and interoperable environment.
  • Support Services: Our dedicated IT professionals are at your service 24×7 to proactively manage recurring business problems.