ICT solutions for Schools and Education Industry

Steering tomorrow’s education, with world-class IT infrastructure solutions!

Emerging technologies create a significant changes making learning fun and interesting. Digital education is enabling schools, colleges anduniversities to look beyond traditional education methods. It is an opportunity to improve learning methods, meet student’s expectations and in making them future ready!

At Digicor, we provide data solutions and reliable ICT infrastructure enabling educational providers to integrate IT infrastructure seamlessly across the curriculum, implement change, streamline communication/collaboration process as well as manage ever growing demands. Online learning, supported by ICT solutions, Cloud solutions as well as High Perfomace Compting solutions are transforming the way knowledge is shared in the digital ecosystem.

We offer high-quality servers, storage and networking solutions to cater to all types of academic needs.

Our service offerings include:

  • E-learning and learning management systems
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus, virtual desktops, and high-end distributed computing labs
  • Seamless and secured networking solutions: 24 X 7 high-speed Intranet access
  • Cloud servers and collaboration tools for remote learning
  • Mobile app integrated collaboration and work flow systems