IT Solutions & Services for Construction Industry

“Empowering inventive solutions to streamline and automate the construction industry!”

In this ‘digital-everything’ world, it is imperative for every industry to automatize their operations to thrive. The construction landscape has understood the benefits of the technological advances and is reaping the benefits to alter the way it functions.

The smart solutions bring in a suave wave of change for the future and have proven to be more effective, cost efficient and improve personal productivity and processes. The smart building technology when combined with ICT infrastructure solutions like routers, switches, and access points provides more potential and ensures operability to maximize the benefits.

At Digicor, we provide comprehensive, integrated solutions as well as consulting services built on the best-of-breed technologies. We focus on harmonizing the streams of technology delivered by our highly certified experts and bring in the necessary technological innovation for the construction industry.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • ICT infrastructure solutions: Allow companies to set-up network solutions and high computing render farms for engineering simulation software used for virtual prototyping
  • HPC architecture solutions: Deploying high-end workstations, standard server systems as well as scalable HPC solutions to meet the diverse project requirements.

Our main focus is to help our discerning clients with improved operational efficiency, manage business-critical information accurately and integrate process innovation with system implementation.