Big Data Analytics Solutions

“Enabling smarter business decisions by leveraging Big Data Analytics to deliver intelligent business outcomes.”

With the proliferation of online media users, smart gadgets and multiple forms for data collection, a need to analyze and manage complex data in real time have become the trend in current times. Any enterprise intelligence depends on big data platforms with strong evolutionary strengths, a clear roadmap for broader functionality and uses case versatility.

With an overwhelming influx of structured and unstructured data via various channels, it becomes a challenge to make business sense and utilize this data to enhance business value. This is where Digicor helps enterprises to develop and deploy Big Data analytics solutions.

The big data analytics solutions by Digicor, empower business decisions along with improvising the processes and automate a large amount of disparate data into a user-ready business model with the help of big data analytics solutions by Digicor. We transform the complex data into effective, intuitive information to help the business users quickly identify the problem areas and thus run their business smoothly.

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Big Data Analytics Solutions


The Big Data analytics solutions by Digicor allows businesses to discover new potentials, improve performance, revenues, customer experience, regardless the size of the enterprise. We merge agile governance and technological innovation to create unmatched customer experience with Big Data Analytics.

Purpose-built infrastructure is an essential element for the success of any on-going analytics. From network details to storage, software application to high density compute clusters, Digicor covers all the infrastructure details.

With a firm focus on the end goals, our experts help design and build smart architectures, custom-built low latency Big Data platforms. Armed with skilled architects and data scientists we deliver top-notch services to our clients and help them tackle unpredictable business inconsistencies.

Our differentiating Big Data analytics offerings include

Consultancy Services

Technology Evaluation

Strategy and Roadmap Definition

Setting up of state-of-the-art infrastructure

Data Visualization and Analytics

QA and Testing Services

Development and Implementation Services

Support and Maintenance